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Disk drives - failure Modes
A Hard disk failure will fall into one or more of 5 main categories.
1. Logical Problems
Deleted data when a user inadvertently deleted or formats a hard disk, missing files, virus attack, etc.
2. Firmware Problems
Errors in the operating parameters, tables and logs of a hard drive. This are is not accessible to end users however we have equipment and software that allows us access to make the repairs needed.
3. Electronic Failure
Electronic component failure, head pre-amplifier failure, etc. We have a full understanding of the purpose and the components used in the manufacture of Hard Disk PCBs and can repair as needed.
4. Media Errors
Bad sectors resulting with inaccessible data, hard drive hanging, 
blue screens and other unpredictable hard disk behaviour.
5. Mechanical Failures
Hard disk head crash, seized motor bearings.
It is mainly a mechanical failure in a hard disk drive that will require a clean room. We operate our own class 100 clean air environment that is constantly monitored for particle contamination to ensure that your hard disks are opened in the correct environment.

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